Fire Alarm System Installation

Due to the size of large buildings it is a necessity to have a fire alarm system installation take place before tenets move in.  This ensures that in the event of a fire being sighted by building occupants they can use a manual fire pull station to sound the fire alarm bells and notify the local fire department.  These systems can also be useful before building occupancy takes place.  During the construction phase of large office towers and high-rise condo units larger amounts of activity are taking place then normally would happen when residential or commercial office tenets move in.  Things like welding equipment and power tools are in use which pose a higher fire safety risk then photocopiers, computers, televisions, microwaves and other more common office and residential equipment.

Due to this increased risk often temporary fire safety equipment such as additional fire extinguishers must be installed to provide better access.  Part of the reason behind this is that during this phase things like fire sprinkler systems have not been installed or are in the process of being installed.  By their nature copper pipes and joins need to be welded which involves using an open flame.  The welding process uses 5000 degree flames.  In terms of fire safety there isn’t many more things that are riskier then using such a high temperature flame.  This is part of the reason why welding professionals must pass certain training requirements to be able to perform such activities.

Also seen in to the rear of this photo is a control panel.  To allow building managers control panels are installed to help to provide a more complete picture of the situation.




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