Fire Extinguisher Types

The different types of fire extinguishers

Different situations call for different styles of fire extinguishers.

Trailer / RV Wet Chemical and ABE Dry Powder ABE Dry Powder and/or Fire Blanket
Garage ABE Dry Powder NZS 4503 Foam
House Wet Chemical and ABE Dry Powder NZS 4503 ABE Dry Powder and/or Fire Blanket
Car ABE Dry Powder Foam
Boat Wet Chemical and ABE Dry Powder ABE Dry Powder, Fire Blanket, and/or Foam


  • Trailer / RV – Your Trailer / RV is prone to catching fire due to the cooking oil or fat oil in the kitchen.
  • Garage – There are two reasons for any fire outbreaks inside the garage:
    • Due to activities and hobbies done inside a garage (e.g. woodworking);
    • Flammable liquids (e.g. paints, solvents, or fuels).
  • House – Your kitchen is the most fire-inducing place in the entire house. Here are tips to keep in mind about the fire extinguishers you should keep inside your house:
    • ABE Dry Powder is not suitable for taking out cooking oil or fat oil, use a wet chemical extinguisher. It’s also suitable for other fire hazards at home.
    • However, wet chemical extinguishers should not be used on fire with a live electrical source. Electricity may pose as a secondary hazard. Ensure that the power is isolated before extinguishing fire,
  • Car – The only notable cause for a car to catch on fire is due to car collisions. However, repairs using welding equipments and electrical faults may be a cause for an outbreak.
  • Boat – Due to the small engine design on a boat it is more likely to cause a fire outbreak due to a gas explosion from a leaking fuel.
  • When should you use a fire extinguisher:
    • You should only use a fire extinguisher when:
    • Everyone has been evacuated in the lot and are in a safe place.
    • The fire team has responded to your call.
    • The fire is in an unrestricted area and you can safely retreat once you’ve successfully put out the fire.
    • Consider the size of the fire. If it’s too big and hazardous then it’s better to wait for the fire team to put it out.
  • Where should I install a fire extinguisher?
    • In public places like the mall or school, their fire extinguishers are always mounted on the wall adjacent to the fire exit or inside a glass container along with a fire hose.
    • In houses, mount it on the wall above the normal reach of children. Normally, it should be placed inside the kitchen or at least near it. Don’t put it near the stove top or any cooking appliances.
    • It’s wise to spare another fire extinguisher or two to be placed in the garage and one in the car.
    • In Trailer / RVs, it should be attached to the inside of the door.
    • In Boats, it should be mounted in an area that’s accessible from the open deck.
  • Instructions on how to use a fire extinguisher:
    • Pull and remove the pin on the extinguisher before a trigger can be operated.
    • Aim the hose nozzle 2-3 meters away towards the base of the fire.
    • Squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent and sweep side to side until the fire has been extinguished.

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